Uhhhh, well, they were sitting around smoking reefer, dope, ganja, gas, cannabis, marajuana, weed, ah thats it, they were injecting weeds directly into their vains one day when one of them posed the question…

What does the NFT space NEED that it doesn’t have?

See, all the cool projects got taken over. They were corpratised, sanatized, rebuilt for the rich like the rest of wall street and those Sothebys fucks. Way out of reach for the everyday degen with hopes of being a big shot, a true slimeball.

What the NFT space needed, what crypto needed… was a good fucking story, a great fucking community, and some incredible fucking art. And so Spliffy (thats the ceo of sorts) rose from a long stoner meditation, practically blurting out – “Hey you’re pretty techy Raunchy.” (Thats sort of our CTO) “How about you put together the collection, adjust the rarity, and code the smart contract.”

Raunchy replied, “Wtf are you going to do Spliff?” 

pliff said, “The same thing I always do Raunch. Take over one of the internets block chains for a bit – anonymously.”

Raunchy knew he wasn’t fucking around because this indeed was not their first rodeo. 

But there’s no need to discuss the past of a couple shadowy stoners seeking to create an  absolutely disgusting community filled with degenerate heathens wanting nothing more than an interesting story, cool pfps, and one hell of a ride. NOOOOO, it was time to get back to injecting the weeds.